Medical Bill Review Software

IMS helps you get the most out of your workers’ compensation bill review program.  Accessible through on-line or on-site connectivity, IMS provides an accurate, easy-to-use solution designed to maximize savings and business performance through increased productivity, user tools, and customer service.

Productivity Highlights

  • System layout and hot keys promote “heads down” bill review. Look at the bill, not your mouse, to improve data entry speed and accuracy.
  • Pages integrate through hyperlinks for forward and backward navigation without loosing valuable data. The days of keeping multiple windows open to find what you are looking for are over.
  • Procedure Master allows you to quickly find procedure code values, eliminate cumbersome manuals, and electronically store hard copy research materials. Clear your desk, IMS does it for you.
  • Note functions remain constant throughout the bill review process to promote and improve internal communication. Invaluable memos or notes have never been easier to find.
  • Detect duplicates early to reduce data entry time and increase payment consistency.

Product Information

  • Electronic Data Interface with any claims, billing, or utilization control system, and/or medical provider network
  • Utilization Review module supports all UR decisions by applying negotiated rates, automatically routing and pending bills for nurse review, and/or denying unauthorized procedures.
  • Reporting is straightforward with the IMS relational and data driven architecture. Capture custom data elements and report on them quickly.
  • PPO and Pharmacy Network Administration offers a full spectrum of network options including mosaic, ancillary, and employer negotiated networks.
  • Inventory Control Master manages your operations by tracking bill volume, status, and age of receipt.
  • Invoice Manager is flexible to meet your standard or creative pricing structures. Options include wholesale/retail, multi-client, and parent and child account invoicing to name a few.
  • Provider Reconsideration Assistant is a management tool designed to help you document, track, and improve provider communication.