Bill Review Software

IMS designs and maintains their own proprietary bill review software. Why use the same software and expect different results.


MPN Directory Software

Our MPN directory is fully compliant and can be used to manage any network. Changes can be made quickly and easily.

Customer Webtools Software

IMS customers have the ability to access bill status and manage their workflow to meet their needs

E-Billing Portal

Users can receive electronic bills from providers and clearinghouses and adjudicate them for further processing. This allows employers and payors to be compliant with current legislation

Bill Review Software

IMS helps you get the most out of your workers’ compensation bill review program.  Accessible through on-line or on-site connectivity, IMS provides an accurate, easy-to-use solution designed to maximize savings and business performance through increased productivity, user tools, and customer service.

Productivity Highlights

  • System layout and hot keys promote “heads down” bill review. Look at the bill, not your mouse, to improve data entry speed and accuracy.
  • Pages integrate through hyperlinks for forward and backward navigation without loosing valuable data. The days of keeping multiple windows open to find what you are looking for are over.
  • Procedure Master allows you to quickly find procedure code values, eliminate cumbersome manuals, and electronically store hard copy research materials. Clear your desk, IMS does it for you.
  • Note functions remain constant throughout the bill review process to promote and improve internal communication. Invaluable memos or notes have never been easier to find.
  • Detect duplicates early to reduce data entry time and increase payment consistency.

Product Information

  • Electronic Data Interface with any claims, billing, or utilization control system, and/or medical provider network
  • Utilization Review module supports all UR decisions by applying negotiated rates, automatically routing and pending bills for nurse review, and/or denying unauthorized procedures.
  • Reporting is straightforward with the IMS relational and data driven architecture. Capture custom data elements and report on them quickly.
  • PPO and Pharmacy Network Administration offers a full spectrum of network options including mosaic, ancillary, and employer negotiated networks.
  • Inventory Control Master manages your operations by tracking bill volume, status, and age of receipt.
  • Invoice Manager is flexible to meet your standard or creative pricing structures. Options include wholesale/retail, multi-client, and parent and child account invoicing to name a few.
  • Provider Reconsideration Assistant is a management tool designed to help you document, track, and improve provider communication.


MPN Software

IMS has created a fully compliant MPN directory software tool. Our tools can be utilized with IMS MPN solutions or MPN’s managed by other partners. The true power of our directory allows for feature rich solutions with access to rapid updates and changes. Most directories require long lead times for data updates or changes to the directory. When IMS designed their MPN directory, they had the end user in mind. Employees and adjusters alike need an easy to use intuitive interface to quickly get access to providers for their needs.

Contact IMS for a demonstration of their MPN software and see how they can help you have a happier workforce.


Online Webtools

IMS Web Tools allows clients to access all of their information in one convenient location. In the spirit of transparency we allow our clients to see where in the process their bills and other items are in the workflow process. In addition, we provide access to our integrated dashboard to provide intelligent insight into the effectiveness of their cost containment program.


E-Billing Portal

E-billing has always been a challenge by most organizations. The challenge is trying to find the correct solution that will work with your workflow, not around it. IMS has an easy to use intuitive solution for receiving and adjudicating electronic bills from providers.

Let IMS do all of the heavy lifting. IMS will receive the electronic 837 file from the provider or clearing house. We will submit a 999 acknowledgement file automatically. Once the file is received into the IMS portal, just log on and view the claim and bill details. We will also convert the e-bill into the proper UB or HCFA form to view as a PDF along with all additional documentation. At this point the client can see what they have in their queue, what is not assigned, or has already been processed. The user can simply accept or deny the bill. IMS will automatically send back the 277 to the provider indicating that the file has been accepted or denied (with proper language).