Utilization Review

With our proven track record of excellent service, IMS is dedicated to providing best-in-class Utilization Review services that focus on improving outcomes through the promotion of quality healthcare services.

IMS’ Utilization Review program is overseen by Medical Director William Barreto, M.D. Dr. Barreto has a combined specialty in both Pain Management as well as PM&R, providing him a robust and well-versed background for oversight of IMS’ Utilization Review program and Workers’ Compensation medical treatment.

Dr. Barreto is supported by a staff of Utilization Review Nurses and Utilization Management Specialists with over 20 years of combined experience in California Workers’ Compensation Utilization Review. Additionally, Dr. Barreto is supported by a network of specialty peer-review physicians from all relevant specialty areas.

  • Quality Prospective Utilization Review with Fast Turn-Around
  • Detailed Retrospective Review with Intricate Analysis by Utilization Review Specialists
  • Robust Specialty Peer-Review by Trustworthy Physicians
  • Excellent Customer Service

Utilization Review is an extremely time sensitive and intricate process. In addition to our established level of quality service, IMS looks forward to providing you with excellent account management and coordination services to ensure all compliance and quality measures are exceeded. Contact us to discuss how it is we can help, we are confident that our level of quality will speak for itself.


Proprietary Software Solutions

IMS has developed a proprietary interface between our Utilization Review and Bill Review systems, allowing us to detect leakage that other providers cannot. Contact us today to see how our solutions can benefit your bottom line.