MPN Networks

Employer MPN Medical Provider Network

Good News!  Control is back in the hands of the employer through Medical Provider Networks (MPN). However, not all MPN’s are alike.  Now it is up to you to build an MPN that will reduce your medical costs.

Harboring a network with more providers than you need, places you at risk for excessive treatment, applicant doctors, and fraudulent activity.  Just because a provider is part of a PPO, does not mean they should be a member of your Medical Provider Network.

Building a custom network from the ground up is the key to a controlled MPN that will improve the quality of care and save you money.

Forming your Medical Provider Network

IMS builds your network around providers that understand and effectively adhere to workers’ compensation requirements. Meaning, they provide excellent treatment, produce well-written and knowledgeable reports, and work with the employer and injured worker to utilize back to work programs.  Multiple or tiered MPN networks can be created for clients with additional needs.

Administration of MPN

Administration is effortless with web tools like smart search, zip code radius, and point to point driving directions.  Our website,, is easy to use and has everything you need to help direct and control treatment.

MPN Savings

Once your MPN is established, IMS’ software automatically checks each bill for all MPN discounts.  This process accurately sorts and identifies each bill per its applicable MPN while applying all contracted discounts.