IMS specializes in providing the highest level of medical bill review for self insured employers and third party administrators

The IMS  program puts you in control

The IMS  program produces advanced results through the integration of advanced bill review technology, innovative workflow operations, and transparent user tools.

The result is a program that delivers deeper savings, superior accuracy, and top-notch customer service.

Dedicated Focus:

With decades of experience, all of our efforts and resources remain committed to bill review software and service.  By isolating our focus, we are able to place the most talented, highly trained bill review experts in charge of scrutinizing your medical bills.  Removing distractions from our core business has allowed us to become the best in our field.

IMS Benefits:

Proprietary Software – delivers quick changes without a middle-man

From industry changes to vendor additions, IMS can quickly adapt on a technical level to meet the needs of our clients.  By eliminating the middleman software vendor, IMS has the control to introduce new levels of automation, deliver custom reports, and make technical adjustments for outlier situations.

Operations – our workflow delivers customization, savings, and accuracy

The heart of our service, operations utilizes our software platform to automatically direct bill types (surgery, med-legal, consultations, etc.) to experts in each respective field.  This combination of technology and service provides a workflow that performs with strength in knowledge, speed, and accuracy.  The implementation of current fee schedules and in-depth bill review results in the highest level of bill review savings possible.

Web Tools – offering a new level of transparency

Access to your bill review data has never been easier.  We have worked with self-insured employers, adjusters, and managers to identify tools that would eliminate tasks, provide insight, and create efficiencies within your workflow.  Our web tools offer report generation, allowance lookup, status updates, and more.

Additional Benefits:

  • Over 99% accuracy rating
  • 48 hour standard turnaround time
  • 24 hour or less standard rush review process
  • Dedicated relationship manager with the power to make changes
  • Less than 1% of re-evaluations receive an additional recommendation