Fee Schedule Analyst

IMS is looking for a seasoned Fee Schedule Analyst who is familiar with multiple state fee schedules for workers’ compensation.

The Fee Schedule Analyst is responsible for researching and determining the proper fee schedule for medical bill review. This includes having one or more states assigned to this position. All procedures that fall under that states fee schedule is required to be analyzed and interpreted.

Job Duties:

  • Research all required sources of documentation for assigned states. This includes current data and fee schedule information
  • Interpret the fee schedule rules and document the different case scenarios
  • Update IMS rules engine with current changes in fee schedule for their proprietary software
  • Educate team members on new information pertaining to regulatory changes
  • Work with operations and technical team to ensure all rules are accurate and current


Essential Skills:

  • Knowledge of workers’ compensation fee schedules
  • Familiar with medical bill review process
  • Competent use of computers and similar technologies
  • Working in a team environment
  • Excellent communication skills specifically as it pertains to documentation