MPN Directory Software

IMS have been providing MPN directory software since their inception

IMS has played an important part in helping companies develop or maintain MPN networks for their employees. If you are not looking at developing a new network, let IMS host your network with our compliant MPN hosted website. Why use old technologies and have to wait months to get things changed? IMS can provide immediate change requests to help provide a better MPN solution.

IMS has created a fully compliant MPN directory software tool. Our tools can be utilized with IMS MPN solutions or MPN’s managed by other partners. The true power of our directory allows for feature rich solutions with access to rapid updates and changes. Most directories require long lead times for data updates or changes to the directory. When IMS designed their MPN directory, they had the end user in mind. Employees and adjusters alike need an easy to use intuitive interface to quickly get access to providers for their needs.

Contact IMS for a demonstration of their MPN software and see how they can help you have a happier workforce.