E-Billing Portal

E-billing solutions for employers and third party administrators

E-billing has always been a challenge by most organizations. The challenge is trying to find the correct solution that will work with your workflow, not around it. IMS has an easy to use intuitive solution for receiving and adjudicating electronic bills from providers.

Let IMS do all of the heavy lifting. IMS will receive the electronic 837 file from the provider or clearing house. We will submit a 999 acknowledgement file automatically. Once the file is received into the IMS portal, just log on and view the claim and bill details. We will also convert the e-bill into the proper UB or HCFA form to view as a PDF along with all additional documentation. At this point the client can see what they have in their queue, what is not assigned, or has already been processed. The user can simply accept or deny the bill. IMS will automatically send back the 277 to the provider indicating that the file has been accepted or denied (with proper language).

Users who use IMS for their bill review process will have their bills automatically sent to IMS for bill review. We can then electronically send the information to your claim system to be imported.

For any users that do not use IMS for bill review, you can use the product independently. We can also develop an interface with your existing claim system so the bill data can be electronically transferred as well.