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Traditional Bill Review Programs only focus on bill savings and ignore key issues that significantly affect employer’s net medical expense

Triiping over dollars picking up pennies

Why then do most employers end up “Tripping Over Dollars While Picking Up Pennies?”

Companies too often look at the cost of a bill review program and never understand why their overall cost continue to rise.

Workers’ Compensation Costs Increasing

Net Medical is now exceeding Indemnity costs

Discover why Intelligent Medical Solutions is the industry leader in Cost Containment


Medical Bill Review

IMS is the leader in providing medical bill review services. Find out what makes IMS different.

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Data Analytics

Not learning from the past will never allow a company to proactively improve their program. We are a data driven company

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MPN Networks

Building a custom network from the ground up is the key to a controlled MPN that will improve the quality of care and save you money

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IMS designs and supports their own software. Why use a company that uses the same software as everyone else and rely on third party providers.

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Employers and businesses thrive with IMS

We provide one comprehensive program that does not carve out “specialty review programs”


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